About self-adhesive label waste.

A major benefit for the partners of Watermill Press. Providing an alternative solution to this unsatisfactory and expensive situation, Label Waste Collection will collect all your self-adhesive label waste backing liner material, remove it from site and arrange for it to be recycled.

As an end-to-end solution, it is easy to set up, implement and manage. The Label Waste Collection service will increase your process efficiencies, enable your business to reduce its landfill volumes and associated costs, and improve your environmental credentials.

Although it might be possible for individual end users of labels to organise some form of recycling waste collection it is unlikely that you will want to process, accumulate and store the required volumes of waste to make it worthwhile. Acting as consolidation agents for the waste stream, we can generate sufficient batch volume to make it commercially viable for the recycling plants to run a special process which includes the necessary silicone recovery application.

The Label Waste Collection service can be offered for most styles of label liner - honey glassine, kraft or synthetic/filmic release liners.