Business benefits of Label Waste Collection services.

Delivering real and noticeable business benefits on a number of fronts, the Label Waste Collection service will improve your waste management operation. It will save you money on landfill costs and help develop your environmental strategy by helping to meet your regulatory obligations. You will also be effectively underpinning your Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) credentials.

The new Waste Regulations 2011 (England & Wales) that come into effect in October 2011 require businesses to recycle anything from their waste streams that can be.

By taking control of the collection and removal of your self-adhesive label waste from start to finish, administration of this aspect of the business will be reduced to an absolute minimum saving time, effort and resources which can be redirected to more profitable areas. Landfill costs are already upwards of £100 a tonne and these look set to increase significantly as all governments look to raise more and more funds through environmental taxes and to drive more recycling behaviours.

Finally, businesses are increasingly being judged on their environmental policies with real reputational damage being done if your organisation is not meeting all of its obligations.

In providing a total recycling service, Label Waste Collection will partner you in helping your organisation develop as a real market leader within the environmental space.